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Dynotherm are manufacturers and suppliers of quality friction material. Dynotherm is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of quality friction material for the past 20 years and is situated in the beautiful kwazulu-Natal Midlands, in the scenic Town of Howick. This modern and technically advanced production facility manufactures and exports quality friction high performance Disk Pads, Brake Linings, Industrial Clutches , Semi-Flexible and Bracing Friction Materials and is one of only three such manufacturers in the World. Dynotherm has excelled in growing into one of the world’s leaders in the ever growing export market of quality friction material. Dynotherm strives to consistently and competitively produce quality products supported by a thorough understanding of our customers needs and requirements. 


Through open communication the Company strives to create an informed, involved, motivated and efficient workforce providing customer satisfaction through quality products and commitment.

what we do

we manufacture and export quality friction high-performance:




industrial clutches


Dynotherm provides a wide range of quality friction materials to a broad spectrum in the transport World from brake pads, fitted steel disks on high speed articulated dump trucks, to disk pads for the defence and aviation industry, tanks to high speed aircraft carriers and jets to commuter busses. Drag line heavy duty cranes, mining equipment and commercial passenger vehicles.

Dynotherm supports the regulations and rules for Environmental care and are therefore an environmentally friendly manufacturer. All products are asbestos free and conform to stringent international statutory requirements. Dynotherm’s scented pads contain ethanol resins fibres or airborn fibre and perform at temperatures of 800 degrees celsius without the use of heavy metals thus exceeding global environmental standards.



The Sintering Process Dynotherm uses is best described as the technology whereby the friction material is compacted with a high-tech pressing process and fused at very high temperatures, thus eliminating the need for binding agents. This allows the product to be finished at very high temperatures the lack of binding agents makes the product much more heat resistant aswell as flame and smoke proof thus providing higher performance safety and reduce running cost. Dynotherm’s materials are South African Bureau of standards or SABS tested and compliant to their standards. The Company is an accredited ISO 9002 company based on its design, development, manufacture and supply of friction materials. Dynotherm products are tested on their large  dynamometer simulating actual working conditions as well as a third-party test houses and in the field. 

Quality and safety

Regular test are conducted to ensure safety, improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction.Dynotherm’s disk pads are tested to ISO 3450 and Alberta specifications in actual working conditions on a open mine with a fully loaded Kamatsu 730 E truck. As part of the commitment to Dynotherm’s customers, regular test are conducted under the most stringent and harsh conditions possible as shown in this video clip of test conducted during December 2005 and one of the worlds biggest opened of mines that of Kumba Resources in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The tests where done on the rear and front disc pads. The Dynotherm disk pads also had to endure the burden of downhill and level ground tests.

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