The Sintering Process Dynotherm uses is best described as the technology whereby the friction material is compacted with a high-tech pressing process and fused at very high temperature thus eliminating the need for binding agents. This allows the product to be finished at very high temperatures, the lack of binding agents makes the product much more heat resistant aswell as flame and smoke proof thus providing higher performance, safety and reduce running cost. Dynotherm materials are South African Bureau of standards or SABS tested and compliant to their standards.

 The company is an accredited ISO 9002 company based on its design, development, manufacture and supply of friction materials. Dynotherm products are tested on their large dynamometer simulating actual working conditions as well as a third-party test houses and in the field. Such is the structure of the Dynotherm laboratory and expertise breaking technology that the company is frequently ask to run tests comparative tests on friction material by South Africans and overseas institutions and manufacturers. This test illustrates the flammability of Resin based OEM or original equipment manufactured disk pads and their inability to stop promptly when new aswell as they continued combustion for more than 4 minutes after the assembling has come to a standstill.


The whole process is computer controlled and monitored by trained technicians. To demonstrate Dynotherms leading edge and unsurpassed high-temperature performance the same test is conducted the second time. This time the dynamometer is fitted with Dynotherm high-quality friction disc pads. When Dynotherms pads are exposed to the same test they bring the dynamometer to a standstill in just over 16 seconds. Carbon dust ignition exists only during actual braking application and no flames are present after coming to a standstill. The video actually shows the real time in which the tests are conducted the camera was at no time stop or speeded up. The key to becoming the market leader in friction materials lay in Dynotherms relentless commitment to continuous product improvement. This approach includes designed and manufacture of pressers, test machines, mixes, grinders, tuning, the creation of softwaring  compounds, extensive research and development and an intensive quality assurance system. 

The company’s internal engineering works and complete tool room assures the customer of excellent high quality tailor-made Solutions and friction material products with the fastest turnaround time. The factories fully programmable battery of high-pressure pressers with capabilities of up to 1250 tons ensures ample resist for the most demanding building and civil applications. Dynotherms fully computerized MRPII production system and storage capabilities enables them to maximize buffer stock offering the customer the best possible response time.  Dynotherms is a supplier to various international manufacturers such as Bell, Terex, Toyota SA, ERF SA, Dezzi, Bandix,  Ate, Komatsu.