Quality and safety

Regular test are conducted to ensure safety, improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction. Dynotherm disk pads are tested to ISO 3450 and Alberta specifications in actual working conditions on a open mine with a fully loaded Kamatsu 730 E truck. As part of the commitment to Dynotherms customers satisfaction, regular test are conducted under the most stringent and harsh conditions possible as shown in this video clip below of test conducted during December 2005 and one of the worlds biggest opened mines that of Kumba Resources in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The test where done on the rear and front disc pads. The Dynotherm disk pads also had to endure the burden of downhill and level ground tests. Tests was conducted at different speeds measured by an on-board data acquisition unit and Verified by radar at a special paint marker system attached to the truck to be triggered as soon as the brakes were applied. At a speed of 50km per hour fully loaded with iron on a Kamatsu 730 E truck fitted with Dynotherm disk pads took an average of 73meters  to come to a complete standstill well with in the 109 meteres maximum requirements illustrating high levels of safety. The test was repeated several times noted by officials from the mine.

Dynotherm and Kamatsu to ensure compliance to factory requirements. Extensive field test reveal that Dynotherm front disk pads last approximately four times longer than the OEM disc pads and offer radical improved disc life  resulting in reduced downtime and increased productivity. Dynotherm internationally acclaimed friction material for unsurpassed high-temperature operation lowest cost per our function on discs and pads advanced safety features, improved deceleration characteristics, advanced retention interfaces for maximum padded adhesion. Official supplier to international original equipment vehicle manufacturers. Leaders in  manufacturing and development of high quality friction material